Retina Australia (Qld) Inc

Retina Australia (Qld) Inc is a volunteer-based Charity providing information and support to people, their families and friends, affected by a blinding retinal eye disease.

These diseases affect thousands of Australians and millions worldwide and include: retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt, macular degeneration, usher syndrome and other associated dystrophies.  It often comes as such a shock to people to be diagnosed with a condition for which there is no treatment and potentially devastating prognosis. Tom is 23 years old. At 18, following……

An important part of our work is to raise funds to finance a national retinal research program dedicated to finding treatments and eventual cures for currently untreatable diseases.Funds raised for research purposes go 100% to research as they are not reduced by administration expenses.

Enquiries from anyone with an interest in retinal eye disease are welcome.





⇒  Australian Inherited Retinal Disease Register & DNA Bank

The aim of this project is to establish a comprehensive Australian DNA register and to progressively analyse stored DNA samples to identify IRD causing mutations in the Australian population

⇒  Dr John Vance

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